Where is find my iphone

Where is find my iphone

Giving a Kid an iPhone or iPod touch.Enter your iCloud username and password.If you don t have an Apple ID, you will need to create one before you can access Find My iPhone.You will need to enter your Apple ID and password.Turn on Lost Mode.You will still be required to log in with your Apple ID and password.

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Click the Devices button in the top-left corner to open a list of all the devices that you have registered with Find My iPhone.Save Money and Share Music, Apps and More With ITunes Family Sharing.iPhone says it s disabled.You will be required to enter this passcode to unlock the screen.You will be asked to create a passcode if your device does not have one configured already.In iOS 7 and up, you ll need to enter the password for the iCloud account being used on the device.Select the device that you want to find to open the options.If you didn t, follow these steps to turn it on.Open the iCloud website.

If you believe that your phone is stolen or lost for good, you can remotely erase all of the data on your iPhone by clicking the Erase iPhone button in the device Options menu.Tap Settings.I recommend enabling it by moving the slider to green.iHound lets you use geofencing location alerts.It uses the built-in GPS or location services of your device to locate the device on a map.With this done, Find My iPhone is set up and ready to use.Erasing data is permanent, so only use this option as a last resort. Note that you need to purchase If Found but the cost is minimal.Use iLocalis.

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