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ѕt the person can be blocked.Finally, you ve got your code.However, being the crafty geek that you are, you know that wherever HTML is allowed like on your wall , there s a way to monitor user view counts, at least.The group was totaly gone this morning.As the instructions advise, you won t be able to track the visitor IP info or other identifying information, but that s part of the reason Facebook doesn t allow Javascript.

Location Tracking: 6 Social App Settings To Check

Do you know of any Facebook apps that accomplish the same thing.We dont know what has happend, but are trying to get contact whit someone from the facebook office. To all old fans Facebook have done something to the Stalker Check group.Ultimately, every one of these apps is set up to do one thing and one thing only scam you and hijack your account.Let me make this very clear Facebook Privacy Rules do not allow for publicly opening up member viewing activities.And while it won t show you who s stalking you on Facebook, it ll at least show you how popular you are or not.

Now let s just go into Facebook and figure out where to insert that snippet.Now, this isn t exactly telling you anything you don t already know, but it had a number of people up in arms because it did show a spouse or significant other whether or not particular people like a former girlfriend were constantly keeping in touch with you on Facebook through profile or photo comments.It was called the Facebook StalkerCheck.Once you have this HTML pasted on your profile like this, any time someone visits your profile page, you ll see the StatCounter numbers increase.We have now restarted the group.Next, make sure that you choose the HTML counter only.And hope you all can join again.

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