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Not Available in Your Country.This will completely wipe the iPhone or iPad the next time it s online although credit card information stored on Apple Pay-enabled devices should be removed immediately even if your phone is offline , so none of your information will be accessible to whoever now has the device and it ll also be removed from Find My iPhone.If that device comes online again it ll reappear in Find My iPhone if this happens and you re unable to access the phone to turn off Fine My iPhone properly, you can click All Devices and then click Erase.5 or later; or a PC with Windows 7 or Windows 8 Outlook 2007 or later or an up-to-date browser is required for accessing email, contacts, and calendars .The app gives you another way to track lost devices not helpful, of course, if it s installed on the device you need to find .If when your iPhone is retrieved, you simply enter the passcode and your iPhone is unlocked.In Kevin s experience, he tried several times to get the thief to call a specific number by sending it in the SMS-like messages that can be sent from the MobileMe site.Any compatible device with iCloud and Find My iPhone turned on can be tracked using the iCloud website.If you decide that you want to deactivate Find My iPhone, which you ll need to do if you re sending your iPhone off for repair, for example, or if you re concerned about privacy, you can do so by going to Settings iCloud and then tapping to turn off Find My iPhone.According to The London Evening Standard, he dumped his bags and chased after the bus.

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That s another good reason to always upgrade to the latest version of iOS assuming your device supports it .Activation Lock is built into iOS 7 and up; there s no need to turn it on.If not, you may never know where it is.This means that if you ve got it set to check mail manually, whoever has your phone would not be alerted with those messages until they opened up the mail application.If you re unable to access a device but want to turn off Find My iPhone, you ll need to go to Find My iPhone on iCloud.Set up on Mac.

The MobileMe service for iPhone users that lets them find their device if lost or stolen proved useful over the weekend, but it s still quite easy for thieves to turn off.Some features require a Wi-Fi connection.This is a common explanation for why Find My iPhone isn t working.If you re fairly sure you re never going to get your iPhone back, you can erase your phone s content remotely but with it goes the ability to track the phone, so give it some thought before you go ahead with it.No Internet Connection.

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