Turn on find my iphone

Turn on find my iphone

You can check the database at MissingPhones.Check hard-to-reach places.If your iPhone cannot be located because it is turned off or out of network, check the Notify me when found box.If you have the IMEI MEID number for your iPhone.Be sure to dispute any charges that have occurred on the phone since it was stolen.Note the location.

How to Set Up Find My iPhone on iPhone

These are alerts and check-ins that work automatically with Facebook, Foursquare.Method Two of Three Trying Other Ways Edit.Choose the action that best suits your current situation.You can also file a report if you believe your phone was stolen.Tap OK on your iPhone to stop the sound from playing.This will be played at maximum volume, which can hopefully help you track it down.Contact your carrier if your phone is gone for good.This lets you log in to the website to find your missing iPhone.

If your phone is lost and a friendly stranger hears it ringing, he or she may be able to help get it returned to you.Some other common places you may have left your iPhone include work, the gym, the restaurant you visited earlier, the bank, or any other place you may have emptied your pockets.ere as well .This can help you track it down, especially if it s slipped under a cushion.Install an application on your iPhone called If Found .Choose an action.It also takes photo of the thief and send it to you by email.For bigger establishments, the Lost and Found department may have its own phone number.

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