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This is where the person monitoring the child logs in to get location updates, adjust settings and view alerts.Good devices have rubber seals over all charging ports, ensuring that water can t get in and protecting them from damage.What Else Is Important in Selecting a GPS Tracker.Nearly all of the trackers in our review use GPS.However, the one caveat to this device is that it has less functionality, and relies on Bluetooth over GPS.Some products offer both options. missing, a tracker can help reveal where your child currently is as well as their recent travel history.

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Design Durable and Easy to Use Because these trackers are meant to be used by kids, it s important to choose a model that is simple enough for them to understand how to use.Also, manufacturers that host a wealth of informational resources on their website such as tutorials, manuals, a FAQs section, a knowledgebase or a community user forum make it easy to stay up to date with the product or troubleshoot an issue without talking to a customer support representative.One of the best features of a kid GPS tracker is the ability to set up a geofence, which is a digital perimeter you can set up around specific zones, such as home, school or an approved friend s house.Most of the units let you customize the minimum and maximum intervals whenever you want.You can send and receive text messages on the device as well.Each app has alerts you can opt to receive, such as a speed limit alert or low battery alert.If you have adventurous pets, pet trackers easily attach to their collars and let you see their current location and their travel can enjoy basic features and functionality similar to more expensive brands.All of these devices can easily be used by teenagers, but units with too many buttons or a confusing interface may quickly overwhelm younger kids.Voice-to-Voice Calling Panic Buttons Some GPS trackers include two-way voice-to-voice calling.

However, a few also use cellular networks for more precise tracking and to boost coverage when your child is indoors.Though no parent would ever want to deal with their child being kidnapped, or simply wondering where they are, having a child GPS tracker helps alleviate some of that stress.Austral GPS Tracker One of the best trackers that we reviewed, the Spy Tec STI_GL300.With a battery that lasts an entire year, the only extra cost you ll have is replacing the main tracking component annually.0 not only has plenty of features but also comes with a low monthly subscription fee and lengthy battery life so you won t have to worry about charging it every day.GPS Trackers Our Verdict and Recommendations.By choosing a unit that comes with a lengthy warranty and multiple customer support resources, you give yourself the best chance of keeping your GPS tracker up and running.The figures in our side-by-side comparison reflect the optimal battery life expectancy for trackers used on the least-frequent update interval, with minimum usage, without making calls or using other functions.

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