Digitone call blocker

I was so sick and tired of telemarketers calling all day, then I started getting them calling on Sunday s.Since purchasing the Digitone Call Blocker, our phone is quiet, and when we do get a unknown, out of area, private call the phone does not ring, the 100 we invested in to buy this device was worth it, you can t go wrong.Revenge is sweet.Thanks, DickC.It can then block specific numbers of whole area codes that you choose.Some of the devices offer a blacklist, meaning that the software is already preloaded with thousands of spam numbers, which are automatically blocked from coming through.Does Digitone work for cell phones and can you use it for more than one cell phone line.NO device, including this one, and no commercially available blocking technique software, national database, private database, etc.And wouldn t you know it, ten minutes after installing another nuisance call came in.We were going through a nightmare of telemarketers until I finally bought one of these gadgets and poof the calls stopped.

Review: Digitone Call Blocker Plus

The answer to my own question is to use code 70 to suppress the first ring of a blocked call. We did not try out call-blocking apps for smartphones.I bought this item a few weeks ago, and also subscribed, for free, to Nomorobo.Some calls ring through even though it says blocked and sometimes it doesn t ring but you can see the phone flashing like it is still ringing but you can t hear it, so basically, they still think its ringing on my end and hope someone picks up.Then use the Invite command 50 then the invited caller s number; ex.Can I block all callers and just invite certain people to ring in. And if a friend or relative you forgot to invite calls, they can still leave a voice message, and you can always call them back and add them to the Invited list.Between the 2 I am annoyance call free.The DPB works in Mexico, Canada and with all U.I also derive a sense of satisfaction when pushing that block button twice because it s like getting back at these jerks.

Block unwanted calls based on their phone number using Caller ID service from your phone company.There are also diagrams available at their website for the different configurations you might have, since each home is different regarding their phone service.digitone better work out man or I m going postal on them suckers.I bought this and the calls stopped.The Digitone Call Blocker is getting out Thumbs Up rating, as it has been around for several years now, and they keep making upgrades and improvements on it.Such devices are generally recommended for people who are at high risk of being taken advantage of, including those with Alzheimer s.

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