Where is find my iphone in settings

Where is find my iphone in settings

give it to the law enforcement official when you file your lost or stolen report.Depending on where your phone went missing, it may have ended up in a Lost and Found box.You should call anyway though to report your device as stolen, and obtain a report or incident number which you ll need to make an insurance claim.Article updated by James Bruce on October 27, 2016.If you have the IMEI MEID number for your iPhone.Use iLocalis.How to Protect Your iPhone 4.This means that you ll receive an email letting you know that your tracked iPhone has been located, along with a detailed report on where it is being used.If the SIM card has been changed, you ll also be able to get the thief s new phone number.Sadly, Find My iPhone doesn t let you do this, and due to the nature of iOS you won t find a similar app that does.

How to set up Find My iOS device on your iPhone and iPad

iHound lets you sound an alarm to help you find the iPhone in case it s slipped down the back of sofa, etc.Read More is a free service able to track up to 3 devices, and even has the ability to take photos of the thief using the laptop webcam or front camera.You can also file a report if you believe your phone was stolen.com on any computer and select Find My iPhone from the main menu.These are alerts and check-ins that work automatically with Facebook, Foursquare.Check with the employees of all the places that you visited since your phone went missing.Use iLost-finder.Use remote wipe as a last option only if you re confident you won t get the device back.This is a last-resort option, and should only be chosen if you are worried sensitive or personal information will fall into the wrong hands.

Some other common places you may have left your iPhone include work, the gym, the restaurant you visited earlier, the bank, or any other place you may have emptied your pockets.How to Download and Use Applications from the iTunes App Store.or Twitter when you arrive at locations.Retrace your steps.Find my iPhone needs to have been enabled on the iPhone in order to use it.You can use this map to determine where you may have left it.The Missing Phones directory is a website that allows you to enter the IMEI number of your device.Many transit systems and other establishments have Lost and Found systems for items left by customers.

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