Best call blocker for android

Caller ID and details information.This is a simple and effective call blocker app where you can set blacklist with specific number or number range.It s not too annoying, but it is more forward than I like my ads.righteous indignation January 25, 2014.Search feature integrated.It allows you to lookup mobile as well as landline number from all over the world.

Best call blocker for android

For instance, you can have all calls from your mother dumped to voicemail, while all calls from your boss simply do not connect.The unknown call may become from the wrong people with the wrong intention to create problems in our life or by the telemarketers who are trying to convince us to buy their products and services.I was disappointed that PrivacyStar did not manage to completely silence calls on my phone.Just choose an app from this list, download the app from Google Play Store, install it and configure perfectly to stop receiving unwanted calls and SMS.It lets you block specific numbers and block private and unknown numbers by default except for contact.This means that the app is silently blocking calls and messages without you ever knowing.Which is actually pretty neat.Key Features.I liked this feature because it could allow victims to avoid all contact with their abuser.

5 Safest Call Blocker.This app saves a lot of battery, and you can easily enable or disable this app as it has a simple option to do that.It supports number of languages including Chinese, English, German, French, Portugal and Spanish.I have NQ Call Blocker.You can easily block them using your smartphone or tablet with the help of Free and Best Call Blocking Apps for Android.If you want to add something then feel free to share in comments.

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