How accurate is find my iphone

How accurate is find my iphone

The police use cell site evidence a lot, but mainly to place criminals at a specific place at a specific time, says Iain Johnstone of Tuckers Solicitors.Apple is careful not to promote the feature as a way of tracking down a stolen device, but does offer a remote wipe feature if that happens.Police in the UK seem more selective about how they uses telecoms data.But at least the Johnny Rotten who snatched my phone will find that it s blocked, erased, and now displays my contact details with the message This phone was stolen . Currently, one of the worst things you can do is assume that local law enforcement can take care of it, as this, in a lot of cases is not realistic, advises Prince.There are also several well-covered stories about Apple users who have tracked criminals down in person, including a Manchester man who chased a thief onto a bus and confronted him.Making the phone harder to get into means the phone can t be wiped and resold as easily, and if the phone can still be tracked, it s a less attractive target to steal.I learned that the hard way.So UK police will knock on a door if they hear your stolen phone ringing on the other side, but they need to be willing and able go to that door.The more enthusiastic use of Find My iPhone by US police is a cultural rather than legal approach; in 2013, NYPD even produced flyers encouraging New Yorkers to upgrade to iOS 7.

I caught the thief who stole my iPhone

With the introduction of iCloud, our information is now always available, says David Prince, IT security director for law firm Schillings, and the structures in place to defend against criminal harm do seem somewhat behind the times when it comes to the digital revolution.In the US, there have also been cases of crimes solved by police themselves using the app, including the arrest of an armed robber in LA in 2011.It may be that they don t think GPS is accurate enough to be certain of the address.which includes tighter password protection for password-protected devices. I can see no reason why they should not use GPS tracking to recover stolen property, but for some reason they don t seem to do so.In the meantime, are we condemned to tracking stolen possessions without recovering them, or attempting amateur detective work.We can retain data even if we lose a device, and we can erase data on stolen devices but what about getting the device itself iOS 5 software or newer and registered with iCloud.

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